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Blue Membership

Our BLUE membership is our innovative, very popular plan for players who desire a small investment in membership, therefore, allowing them more flexibility in golfing destinations while maintaining the benefits of having a “home course”. After a modest membership fee is met, BLUE Plan players pay $6 before each 9 hole round, and $12 before each eighteen, or posted special rates if lower, any time, all season.

Green Membership

Our GREEN membership plan is a traditional plan, allowing all golf for the season to be pre-paid and included. This plan is for those who appreciate the simplicity, inclusiveness, and value of a traditional approach. All GREEN members receive complimentary club storage.

Both Blue and Green are full memberships, with identical benefits and privileges. They are intended to widen the attractiveness of membership. Within the Blue and Green categories are the various membership types designed to meet various player’s needs

NEW starting in 2011 are the UNDER-AGE 40 plans (discounted rates on all catagories for those still under age 40) … and the UNDER-AGE 40 FULL FAMILY LIMITED Membership. The LIMITED Full Family plan includes greensfees for Mom &/or Dad in all member events & tournaments, free play during all Family Play periods (most Fri/Sat/Sunday evenings), and 20% off greensfees all other times. Family Play includes half-yardage tees for the little ones, and an orientation lesson from the Pros for basic swing components, etiquitte, and standard pace of play requirements.

Single For an adult individual
Couple For two persons married or in established joint partnership
Children of Member Covers all a member’s legal children under age 21
Junior Single For a single individual aged 14-20
Resort Any of the above valid Memorial Day to Labor Day
Pre-paid Cart Use Plan Unlimited use of power cart for one member for all play

Corporate Plans are paid by corporate check, with individual charge accounts guaranteed by the corporation or organization

Corporate 2 2-3 persons within an organization
Corporate 4 4-7 persons within an organization
Corporate 8 8 or more persons within an organization

Completed applications and payment by cash or check are needed for all plans. Blue Plans require payment in full to secure membership. The Green Plans may be paid-in-full, or locked-in to the Regular Fee with a deposit of 50%. The balance must be paid before play is allowed. Corporate plans must be paid in full at time of purchase. If additional players are added and take the company to the next level of savings, the new lower rate will apply to the entire group.

Member Cards will be issued to all new members of record April 15th and June 15th

Note: Member 10% Shop discounts apply only to purchases paid by the member, not those paid by their guests. Members should provide their membership card at every purchase to ensure proper accounting and discounting. Trail fees are for residents using their own cart on the course. Due to liability issues, an agreement form and proof of insurance are required before the privately owned cart may be used on the course for any reason. Guest riders are only allowed if the double rate is paid.

Limited Play Passes

Tournaments, discounts, and charging are NOT included

Twilight For 9-hole play after 6 pm any day, all season
Twilight Junior For member’s kids who just want after-6pm play

Membership fees are already discounted to our maximum, therefore should be paid by check with your application. Two percent will be added to the total if you prefer to pay your fee with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover, and four percent for American Express cards.